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A Ball Mill Equipment for Wet Treatment

Wet energy-saving ball mill equipment is a high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill with rolling bearing movement produced by Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Its maximum processing capacity can reach 160 t/h, and it can be widely used for coarse grinding of various metal and non-metal minerals.

Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has optimized the structure of wet ball mill equipment. The design of grooved annular ball mill liner can effectively increase the contact surface of ball mill and enhance the grinding effect; the transmission uses large double row self-aligning roller bearings instead of sliding bearings, which greatly reduces friction, easy to start and saves energy by 20-30%.

In addition, the improved wet ball mill equipment also has the following characteristics: 1. The design of large drainage outlet has increased the production capacity. 2. Small ball mill with diameter less than 2.1 meters (excluding 2.1 meters) adopts integral frame, which is convenient for civil construction and equipment installation. 3. Oil mist lubrication device can ensure reliable lubrication of large and small gears. 

The main part of the wet ball mill of Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a cylinder with smaller diameter and larger length. It rotates slowly through the transmission device. The material is fed from the feeding end of the cylinder. In the cylinder, due to the drop impact and self-grinding of the steel ball and the ore itself, the material is crushed. Due to the continuous feeding of materials, the pressure causes the material in the barrel to move from the feeding end to the discharging end. Material of finished product size is discharged from the outlet of the cylinder. In wet grinding, the material is carried out by water flow; in dry grinding, the material is carried out by air flow. Straight barrel energy-saving grid ball mill has discharging grid at the discharging end. The ball mill relies on grid plate to force discharging. The slurry surface in the barrel is low, which reduces ore overwear and prevents steel ball discharging. Under the same production conditions, the production capacity is higher than that of overflow mill. Rolling bearings are used to replace sliding bearings at both ends of the cylinder, which can save energy remarkably. 
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