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Design Requirements for the Production Process of Vertical Rolling Mill

1. The design of vertical rolling mill should meet the following requirements: the selection of parameters and structures should be reasonable. In structural design, we must consider whether the seal is tight. Whether it is convenient to manufacture, install, repair and replace spare parts;

2. Usually, the side pressure of the large vertical mill is 50 to 70 millimeters, and the side pressure of the universal roll is 4 to 32 millimeters. The side pressure device should be able to meet the requirements of maximum and minimum opening degree. It must be strong enough to be compact in position, convenient in folding and reliable in use. When designing the main drive system, we should consider not only the friction force of the mobile vertical roll box, but also the additional balancing force. The selection of the lateral pressure speed should be able to meet the production requirements.

3. When forming continuous rolling with horizontal roughing mill, horizontal force caused by unsynchronized rolling speed should also be considered.

4. In the semi-continuous rolling mill and slab rolling mill, when using short blank to produce steel plate, free rolls of sufficient strength and flexibility should be set between the stand rolls so that the shorter blank can pass smoothly.

5. In order to obtain a better descaling effect, the high pressure water descaling system should reasonably select the nozzle structure shape, nozzle spacing and scattering Angle besides increasing pressure. In order to ensure safe operation, the high pressure water descaling device installed before and after the descaling machine must have a seal cover to prevent the splash of high pressure water and oxidized iron sheet. There should be an opening indication on the vertical rolling mill.

6. In addition, the cooling of the vertical roll and the lubrication of the transmission part are also important.
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