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Knowledge You Must Know about Micro Powder Mill

I. Application and application scope of micro powder mill
The micro powder mill is mainly used for grinding conventional materials, such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talcum marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, clay and other materials with humidity less than 8% and Mohs hardness less than 6.

II. Main advantages of micro powder mill
1. Compared with other mills, the grinding pressure of the grinding roller of  micro powder mill to the material is increased by 800-1200kg under the action of the ultra-fine spring.
2. High pressure micro powder mill is energy saving. Under the same output and fineness, the energy consumption of the system is only one third of that of the air flow mill.
3. The investment in micro powder mills is small. In the case of the same output and fineness, its price is only one quarter of that of air mill.
4. Compared with air flow mill, high pressure micro powder mill has fewer production links. The air flow mill must crush 20 mm material to 100 mesh before it can be processed into ultra-fine powder, and the ultra-fine powder with an average particle size of 6.5 um can be obtained at one time from the feed particle size of less than 20 mm by micro powder mill.
5. The lapping device adopts overlapping multi-stage seal, with good sealing performance.

III. The following repair and maintenance knowledge should be paid attention to during the operation of micro powder mill
1. Refuel the center bearing of the main machine of the micro powder mill every four shifts, and the bearing of the blower every month.
2. The temperature of bearing chamber shall not exceed 70 ℃.
3. When replacing the roller sleeve, clean the roller bearing and bearing chamber.
4. The bearing shall be installed with proper clearance.

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