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Innovation and Development, Guilin Mining Industry and China's National Industry are on the Way

Forty years have witnessed the cross-century development of the mine, and also the track of its endeavor. During glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn, walking sonorous, with the pragmatic pursuit to lay a solid foundation. In the autumn harvest time, with gratitude and faith, with high morale to usher in the Chinese engineering machinery industry golden age!

In 1973, the first tilting mill applied in the mine powder industry, the mine grinding mill has begun to contribute to the construction of infrastructure. In the 1990s, the integration of world economy became the mainstream of global economic development, and the Chinese economy entered a new stage of opening up to the outside world. At the same time, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the demand for engineering machinery has been further strengthened.

The first pendulum mill was still produced in 45 years. The mine grinding machine has the international advanced level and is widely used in many industries and fields.

The use of the new type mill in GUI mine
With constant innovation, the mine has achieved a great success: large grinding equipment is fully invested in the market and the products are constantly updated. GK series of new pendulum mill, GKW series of new micro powder machine, GKH new ring roller mill, GKLM new super vertical mill, with absolute advantage, and constantly expand market share. Taking technological innovation as the main driving force, the mine multi-form deep excavation customer demand. It continuously extends to the high end of the industrial chain and makes the traditional products impossible to replicate with the international new process and to build a modern production base.

Any history has its irreplaceability. In 2017, Guilin mining machinery co., LTD. entered the 45th year of the industrial flour industry. The mine, which carries the social responsibility and development mission, is not afraid of the road ahead, and is not afraid of difficulties. Together with many engineering machinery industries, it has carried out the banner of revitalizing the national industry and has continued to walk with its rational and confident posture.

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