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The Product Characteristics and Installation and Commissioning of the Cement Brick Making Machine

Product features
(1) Bricks of different strength can be produced according to the requirements of engineering construction.
(2) Bricks of different specifications can be determined according to the requirements of the project.
(3) It can be hollow block, multi-row hole brick, solid brick and other concrete bricks of different types.
(4) Waste concrete bricks can also be recycled, increasing the comprehensive utilization rate of resources.
Installation and debugging:
All ex-factory machines have been tested in the factory according to relevant regulations, but the following inspection should be carried out when installing cement brick making machine due to long-distance transportation and long time placement.
1. Check whether the cement brick making machine is damaged or deformed during transportation (especially pay attention to the hydraulic pipeline).
2. Check whether the fasteners in the main parts of the cement brick making machine are loose.
3. Check whether the oil cylinder and lubrication points of the reducer and shaker are refueling as required and whether the oil quantity is appropriate.
4. In addition, the cement brick making machine should be thoroughly wiped. Before the test, the relative sliding parts of the moving parts should be lubricated according to the provisions. In the case of transport needs, the machine can be dismantled into a forming device, a feeding plate, a feeding device, a brick device, a palletizing device, an electronic control device, and so on. The assembly should be assembled in place according to the assembly relationship.
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