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Ultra-fine Mining can better Adapt to Market Demand!

Ultra-fine grinder, also known as ultra-fine mining, is an earlier grinding equipment. The equipment is developed on the basis of Raymond mill and has many advantages. Its application is very extensive and popular, and its excellent performance can better adapt to market demand. Next, more knowledge about the ultra-fine grinder is analyzed, as follows:
First. Superfine mining adapts to market demand
1. Large capacity: After optimizing the structure of the deep cavity rotor, the production capacity of the ultra-fine grinder has been greatly increased, which is more than 45% higher than that of the similar grinding equipment. And its discharge port is specially modified, so that it can be adjusted in a wide range, to better meet the market and customer needs, so that it has a strong market adaptability.
2. Fine finished products: The finished products processed by ultra-fine mining have uniform particle size, excellent grain shape, and less needle-like content, which meets the requirements of high-standard materials in some industries.
3. Good environmental protection performance: Ultra-fine mining adopts a unique air flow self-circulation device, which can effectively reduce the amount of exhaust air, not only reduce dust pollution, but also improve the efficiency of the equipment.
4. Maintenance facilities: In contrast to the traditional old grinding equipment, there are only observation doors in the rear. When designing the observation doors, the ultra-fine mining not only increases the maintenance observation doors on the side, but also adopts the hydraulic open-cover device to facilitate maintenance and observation, thereby reducing downtime and increasing production output.
5. Long service life: The equipment introduces advanced foreign pulverizing technology to ensure the smooth operation of the whole machine. At the same time, the impact angle of materials in the crushing chamber is changed to reduce friction between materials and wear-resistant parts, thereby reducing the wear rate of parts, greatly prolonging the service life of the equipment and saving maintenance costs for enterprises.
Second. Future market development prospects of ultrafine mills
1. Mechanization: Whether in the current market or in the future, it is an inevitable trend for machinery industry to become large-scale. In order to occupy more market, have more customer resources and cater to market development, as a manufacturer of ultra-fine grinder, it is bound to integrate higher technology into equipment manufacturing, making equipment development more large-scale, in line with future market requirements.
2. More environmentally friendly: At present, the state has been advocating the development of an environmentally friendly society, and most industries are gradually transforming. In order to greatly reduce environmental pollution, mining machinery industry, as a high energy consumption and high pollution industry, in order to achieve sustainable development, we must take the green production line. Therefore, the use of ultra-fine grinder in production, equipment manufacturing must be more environmentally friendly and have a good development. From the excellent performance of the superfine grinder mentioned above, only this equipment can be more suitable to the market demand.

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