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Raymond Mill Ground Mica Stone for Processing In Various Industries

The Raymond mill produced by Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can be used to grind many kinds of materials. These materials include mica stone. The mica powder produced by Raymond mill can be used in many industries. This paper briefly describes the role of mica grinder in grinding mica stone and the use of mica powder.

1. Application of Raymond Mill in grinding mica

Raymond mill is a kind of grinding equipment used to grind fine powder. The Raymond Mill manufactured by the company can grind materials to 2500 meshes, which is suitable for processing in many industries. The Raymond Mill manufactured by the company is called the high-pressure superfine grinder. It can grind hundreds of materials. The Mohs hardness of general materials is less than grade 9, and it is not flammable and explosive materials can be grinded by this grinder. Mica stone is two materials with Mohs hardness of grade 7 so it can be ground with this product.

2. What is the use of mica powder?

Mica powder can be used in many industries because the main chemical of mica is silicon dioxide, so in many industries, when it is necessary to extract silicon or oxide of silicon, it is done by grinding mica stone. Silicon or silicon oxides are used in glass and ceramics manufacturing industries. Mica powder can also be used in other industries, such as metallurgical industry, refractory material manufacturing industry, plastic industry, abrasive industry, rubber manufacturing industry, chemical industry, construction industry, etc.

In glass manufacturing, the raw materials used in float glass manufacturing are sea sand, mica sandstone powder, soda, and calcite. They are prepared according to a certain proportion. Then the glass is melted at high temperature and processed. It can be seen that mica powder plays an important role in glass making. Silicide is needed in the manufacture of ceramics, and the silicide is obtained from mica powder. Silicide is also an important refractory so mica powder can be used in the manufacture of refractories.

Silicides are also useful in metallurgy, construction, and chemical industries. Silicides can be used as additives or raw materials in the metallurgical industry, as well as in building concrete, road materials, and cementitious materials. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used as raw materials such as sodium silicate.

Mica powder can be used not only in the above industries but also in two industries with high-tech content. For example, the aerospace industry and the electronics manufacturing industry, the silicon obtained by the purification of mica powder grinded by Raymond mill is an important aerospace industry material, so its economic value and scientific and technological value are very high.

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