Guilin Mining Machinery Co., LTD.

Our History

With the development of the user, the Guilin mining machinery has been developing for 43 years. It has experienced three stages of development from birth to present, and witnessed the development of Chinese pulverizer.

  • 1963-2007: Development Stage Of The Minicomputer

    During 1973-1996

    • In1973: The first pendulum mill 4R3216 was produced in 1973(China's first-generation pendulum pulverizer: the horizontal axis type of the transmission bevel gear under the main engine)(At present, it is still in the production and use of Guilin mining factory. It has been used for 43 years.)
    • In 1978: China began to produce the second generation of pendulum pulverizer: the lower transmission structure of the main engine independent reducer;
    • In 1985: the standard of Chinese pendulum mill was born. Based on the data of the performance parameters of the product samples of Japanese chestnut ironworkers in 1982, China's Ministry of machinery industry standard was born: standard of jb4084-85 "R shaped pendulum mill";
    • March 1990: we developed airflow classifiers for mass production. It won the second prize of Guangxi science and technology progress;
    • January 1991: China drives 4R3216A pendulum mill, developed by China's own innovative design and development, was awarded the national patent, ZL92, 01265.2, it is listed as a national new product and energy-saving product, and won the third prize of Guangxi science and technology progress, the third prize of science and technology progress of the ministry of machinery industry;
    • July 1991: the first revision of the standard jb4084-85 "R shaped pendulum mill", formed the mechanical industry standard JB/t4084-91 "R shaped pendulum mill", as the standard revision unit;
    • April 1992: the first China "4R3216B" type mill was designed and designed by ourselves: the main engine adopts the structure type of the secondary belt transmission, and cancels the reducer;
    • February 1994: the first set of new high-efficiency and small-sized pendulum-type pulverizer (Chinese minimum pendulum mill), designed and developed by our country, this puts our country into the era of self-development of pendulum pulverizer system.
    • October 1994: developed the pendulum mill, applied for national patent CZL96, 05834.3, but because the structure is still mature, and then eliminated;
    • January 1995: digesting the products of CE company, and independently carrying out the design of the pulverized milling machine under cylindrical gear (gearbox mounted directly under the main base), because of the limited gear processing equipment, not put into production;

    During 1996-2005

    • August 1999 "GUI mine 4R3216C pendulum mill" won the title of the national new product;
    • In January 2000, "GUI mine 4R3216B type pendulum mill" won the title of Guangxi famous brand products;
    • May 2000 "FXG10 airflow classifier" won the national new product;
    • In June 2002, "GUI mining brand R series pendulum mill" won the famous brand products of Guangxi.
    • In March 2005, "GUI mining brand R series pendulum mill" won consumers' satisfaction;
  • 2008-2012: Development Stage Of The Medium-Sized Machine
    • January 2006: design and development of 5R4119 pendulum mill;
    • May 2007: GUI mining as the industry standard revision unit. For the second revision of the industry standard of TB/t4084-2007, the 2R2613 pendulum pulverizer designed by GUI mine in February 1994 was added.
    • July 2012: design and development of 4R3220 pendulous milling machine;
    • August 2012: design and development of 5R4125 pendulum type pulverizer;
  • Since 2013: Development Stage Of Medium To Medium, Mainframe, And Ultra-Fine Mill
    January 2013: the factory was reformed, and the original "Guilin mining machinery" was changed to "Guilin mining machinery co. LTD." The factory was transformed into a private enterprise by state-owned enterprises, and the company established a new starting point for the development of the company with technological innovation. The development goal of the company is to develop the company into the leading enterprise of the national industry and product technology innovation and make the enterprise bigger and stronger. After the reform, the mine established new management concept, way and attitude to build China mill, develop Chinese grinding powder. Better to create benefits and value for customers and create prosperity for society. We need to innovate to develop mill and development enterprises.

    The Development of Products

    • May 2013: design and develop the GK1280 pendulum mill;
    • June 2013: design and development of 5R4128 pendulum mill;
    • July 2013: design and research and manufacture of GK1720 pendulum type pulverizer;
    • January 2014: design and research and development of GK1620 pendulous pulverizer;
    • May 2014: design and research and development of CF1000 pendulum mill;
    • June 2014: design and research and development of GK2150 pendulum type pulverizer;
    • September 2015: we designed and developed the first pendulum mill of energy saving, environmental protection, high yield and intelligent GK1720A. We have broken through and realized the leap of the grinding of 400 meshes and low vibration of the domestic medium swing mill, and put into mass production;
    • September 2015: design and research and development of production of pendulum mill to avoid the maintenance of grinding roller device (to achieve more than 30 days of refueling), leading industry technology;
    • October 2015: designed and developed a new type of GKW970 micro powder mill, it is first in China. It is the most widely used equipment in the non-mining industry to grind 400-1,250 eye powder in the non-mining industry.
    • January 2016: we designed and developed the GK1620A pendulum mill;
    • June 2016: we first designed and developed the GK2500 pendulum pulverizer which is currently the largest model in China, and invested in mass production;
    • May 2016: GKW970 new fine powder mill (400-1250 eyes) complete the industrial operation test;

    Established Strategic Cooperation Units with National Units in 2016
    • January 13, 2016: establishment of the powder technology research center with Xianyang non-metal mining research & design institute co., LTD.
    • March 24, 2016: established a research and development center for grinding machine technology with the national institute of the building materials industrial technology information research institute;
    • April 22, 2016: established a powder processing experimental base with Suzhou non-metal mining research and design institute co., LTD.
    • April 25, 2016: establishment of a university-research base with Guangxi University.