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Attentions in Installation of Lining Plate of Ball Mill

Ball mill is a large mining machine which is widely used in mineral processing equipment. The lining plate of ball mill is an important part of ball mill. So how to make the liner of ball mill work better? The following points should be paid attention to when installing the lining plate of ball mill.

Firstly, installing lining board of large ball mill equipment should clean the inner grease scale of cylinder body.

Secondly, the installation of lining plate of large ball mill equipment should ensure that the clearance is not more than 16 mm, fix the spiral of lining plate, carefully pad the sealing filler and gasket to prevent ore powder leakage. If there is no sealing gasket, two cotton ropes or hemp with lead oil should be wrapped in the corresponding position. During installation, a layer of cement mortar should be applied to the inner wall of the cylinder, and screw it up before solidification.

Thirdly, the equipment of large ball mill equipment must be installed on the dry and solid reinforced concrete foundation. The equipment foundation of large ball mill must not have significant inclination and subsidence. If there is a little subsidence, it should be balanced and horizontal. Otherwise, it can not be installed. The base and low plane of large ball mill should be high enough for replacing lining plate and grinding medium. The design of foundation can refer to the basic drawing of large ball mill equipment, but it can not be directly used as the working drawing of foundation construction.

In fact, whether it is the installation of large ball mills, or medium or small ball mills, the specific operation matters are almost the same. For the newcomers who have just operated the ball mill, the lining board must be installed under the guidance of the technical personnel of the ball mill manufacturer in order to improve the safety factor of the ball mill. At present, Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional ball mill manufacturer in China. Some ball mills produced by Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. use self-developed wear-resistant rubber as lining, which is superior in wear resistance and replacement. 
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