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Difference between cone crusher and jaw crusher

The cone crusher has superior performance, which is mainly suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing operations, so the product granularity is more uniform. The cone crusher chamber design is various, and users can choose different cavity types according to different needs. The standard cavity type is suitable for medium crushing, medium sized for fine crushing, short head type for ultra fine crushing. Jaw crusher is a crushing device designed for various hardness rocks, mainly for coarse crushing and medium crushing. The crushing chamber of jaw crusher is made up of two jaw plates: moving jaw and static jaw. It mainly crushes and squeezing materials through the bending and extrusion of the two jaw plates. When the movable jaw plate is near the static jaw plate, the material is crushed. When the movable jaw plate leaves the static jaw plate, the broken material is discharged from the lower end of the crushing chamber. Because jaw crusher has strong crushing ability and simple operation, it has been widely used in mineral processing, building materials, silicate and ceramics industries.

In brief, the jaw crusher is mainly used as primary crusher. The cone crusher is used for crushing medium - sized rocks and is used for secondary crushing. The same thing is that it is the pressure on the material. The degree of fragmentation is related to their structure and working principles. The cone crusher is rotating and swinging, and at the same time, eccentric swing is made to drive the extrusion materials of the cone liner plate and fixed liner plate. The jaw crusher is divided into simple pendulum and compound pendulum. The movable jaw drives the planar jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate to make reciprocating extrusion to break the material. In short, the former is to do the rotation swing to break, the track of motion is circular; The latter is broken by reciprocating oscillation, and the squeezing motion is straight. Compared with the jaw crusher, the working process of the cone crusher is continuous. The force of the material in its cavity is the combined force of bending force, shear force and friction force, so it is easy to be broken. Therefore, the production capacity of cone crusher is large and the power consumption is low.

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