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Factors 1 Which Affects the Production of Artificial Sand Making Machine

Different crushing materials

The hardness, viscosity and humidity of different materials will be different to some extent, and the amount of sand produced by the artificial sand making machine will be different when it is broken.

The details are as follows:

1. Material viscosity:

The higher the viscosity of materials, the easier adhesion. The material with high viscosity will stick to the inner wall of the sand making chamber in the sand making machine. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of the sand making machine and seriously affect the normal work of the sand making machine. Therefore, when selecting materials, it is important to note that the viscosity of materials should not be too high.

2. Composition of materials:

The more fine powder there is in the material before sand making, the more influence it will have on sand making, because these fine powder will adhere easily and affect the transportation. Therefore, for the material with a large amount of fine powder, a screening should be carried out in advance to screen the fine powder from the material as far as possible, so as not to affect the normal operation of the sand making machine.

3. Humidity of materials:

If the water content is high, it is easy to adhere to the material when it is broken in the sand making machine, and it is also easy to block in the conveying process, resulting in the reduction of sand making capacity. In order to solve this problem, the humidity of materials should be strictly controlled when selecting materials. If the humidity of materials is too high, sunshine or air drying can be adopted to reduce the percentage of moisture in materials.

The fineness of finished sand is different

The higher the fineness requirement, the lower the sand - making ability. This aspect depends on the specific requirements of the concentrator. If there is no special requirement, the fineness of materials can be set as medium fineness.

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