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Maintenance of Crushing Hammer

Due to the poor working conditions of the crushing hammer, correct maintenance can reduce the occurrence of machine failure and prolong the service life of the machine. Besides timely maintenance of the host machine, the following points should be noted:

A visual inspection

Check whether the bolts concerned are loose; Whether the connecting pin shafts are excessively worn; Check whether the gap between the drill rod and its bushing is normal, and whether there is oil leakage in it. If there is, it indicates that the low pressure oil seal is damaged.


The lubrication point of the working device shall be lubricated before and after each continuous operation for 2-3 hours.

Replace hydraulic oil

The change of hydraulic oil quality varies with the working environment. The simple way to judge the oil quality is to observe the oil color. When the deterioration of oil quality is extremely serious, the oil should be released and new oil should be injected after cleaning the oil tank and filter.
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