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Analysis of How to Use Jaw Crusher to Adjust Discharge

As we all know, the outlet of jaw crusher can be adjusted according to the needs of users to obtain qualified product material size. Experts of Guilin Mining Machinery will now give you a brief description of this problem, hoping to help you.

First of all, we need to be clear that the jaw crusher thrust plate, also known as elbow plate, in addition to transmitting power to make the jaw plate swing back and forth, but also has the role of safety, changing its length can also play a role in regulating the discharge port.

When the crushing chamber of jaw crusher enters non-crushing objects (such as iron balls, iron blocks, etc.), in order to protect the main parts of the equipment from damage, the rear thrust plate is used as the crusher safety part. The rear thrust plate is generally cast as a whole with a groove or a number of small holes in the middle to reduce its cross-sectional strength. It can also be cast into two pieces, and then connected with screw (or rivet) to form a combined thrust plate. When the non-breakable material enters the breaking chamber, the equipment is overloaded and the huge breaking force is transmitted to the thrust plate, which leads to the breaking of the thrust plate or the screw cutting of the combined thrust plate. The machine stops working and plays a safe role.

The knowledge may not be so detailed in the instructions for equipment use, so users must learn more from crusher experts when purchasing equipment and installing and debugging. Only by mastering the safety and discharge regulation of jaw crusher, can the production be more stable.
With the continuous wear and tear of the gear plate, the ore discharge outlet becomes larger and thicker. In order to obtain qualified product size, it is necessary to regularly adjust the size of the ore discharge outlet.

There are two main ways to adjust the discharge outlet: 
1. Gasket adjustment, i.e. putting a group of gaskets between the support seat of the rear thrust plate and the back wall of the frame, increasing or decreasing the number of gaskets or changing their thickness, so that it can achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore discharge outlet. This method is compact in structure and reliable in regulation. It is widely used in large and medium jaw crushers.
2. Wedge adjustment, which is used to adjust two wedges between the back seat of the thrust plate and the frame, is suitable for the use of small crushers.
The experts of Guilin Mining Machinery remind the operating instructions of mechanical equipment, we must read carefully, understand all the contents, and have a good grasp of the structure and principle of the equipment, so that we can be proficient in the maintenance and operation of the equipment.

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