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Brief Introduction of Coal Hammer Crusher

1. Hammer head is made of new casting process with abrasion resistance and impact resistance.  2. Higher productivity, larger crushing ratio and smaller crushing. After crushing by the hammer crusher, the particle size of the product is small and even, and it is cubic. In addition, according to customer requirements, adjust the required granularity.  3. The use of screen grate bottom design does not require any moisture content of the material, and the operation efficiency is high.  4. The structural seal of the hammer crusher solves the problem of dust pollution and body ash leakage in the crushing workshop.  Maintenance items  1. Regularly check whether the parts of the equipment are loose, and tighten timely if they are loose; Regularly check the use of vulnerable parts such as hammer head and lining board. This can extend the life of the machine, reduce maintenance costs.  2. Keep the lubrication system in good condition: we should often examine case of lubrication, the temperature of the rotor bearing should be kept below 60 ℃, the highest temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, if it is found that the temperature is too high, we should find out the reason, take timely measures to eliminate. In addition, according to different requirements to choose lubricating materials, some bearings need to add lubricating oil, some may require adding lubricating grease, this should be selected according to requirements.  3. Keep the equipment clean: in ordinary maintenance, the surface of precision parts should be carefully protected to prevent dust pollution and damage. If the hammer crusher is stored for a long time, it is best to apply oil or rust inhibitor on the surface to prevent the rust from affecting the normal operation.  4. Maintenance details during loading and unloading: when loading and unloading the parts of hammer crusher, there must be copper rod or corresponding cushion block. It is not allowed to hit directly with hammer to prevent damage and crack. If the bearing of the hammer crusher is damaged, it is better to replace two bearings at the same time. If only one bearing is replaced, it should be removed completely and cleaned before installing.  1. Compared with traditional equipment of the same size, the comprehensive performance of the hammer crusher of gold ore is good, reliable and stable. When one end of the hammer head wears out, you can replace the use surface of the hammer head and continue to use it.  2. The utilization rate of hammer head of gold ore hammer crusher has been improved, the replacement period of hammer head has been shortened, and the accessory cost of gold ore hammer crusher has been reduced.  3. The hammer head of the gold ore hammer crusher is based on the original production of hammer head, using vacuum casting and combining advanced technology to improve the resistance capacity and wear resistance of hammer head.  4. A unique clearance control system can be adjusted freely according to the requirements of particle size and sieving characteristics. The particle size of broken material can vary with the speed of the top of hammerhead. The hammer crusher for coal is mainly used to complete crushing material operation by impact energy. The hammer crusher for coal mainly relies on the impact energy to complete the material crushing operation. When the coal hammer crusher works, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the material is broken due to the impact of the hammer head and shear tear of the material at a high speed. At the same time, the gravity of the material itself causes the material to move from the high-speed rotating hammer to the baffle and screen, and the material larger than the size of the sieve is left on the sieve plate to continue to be hit and grind by the hammer until the size of the material needed is finally passed through the sieve plate discharge machine.
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