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Ramon Machine: the Processing of the New Mill of the Laurel Mine in Titanium Dioxide Grinding

Titanium pigment is a white pigment mainly composed of titanium dioxide. Due to its unique physical properties and chemical properties, it is an important white pigment and ceramic glaze. It is widely used in coatings, plastics, ink, paper and other fields. Due to its high whiteness and high hiding power, it has been widely used in cosmetics in recent years. The production line of titanium white powder mainly has broken system, powder grinding system, conveying system, etc. We will briefly introduce the crushing equipment, pulverized equipment and conveying equipment used in the titanium dioxide production line.

Equipment for producing titanium dioxide -- crushing equipment of GUI mine mill

Jaw crusher
The jaw crusher is the oldest broken device ever. With the constant updating and development of technology, the equipment has made a great breakthrough in terms of performance, purpose and price. The equipment is not only broken, the equipment is stable, the structure equipment is novel and reasonable, and energy saving and environmental protection is the most cost-effective. Although its structure is simple, its use range is the widest in all crushers, because of its simple operation mode and strong crushing ability, it is one of the best selection of the coarse titanium white powder. And the jaw crusher has a variety of models, and customers can choose according to their own ideal output and production scale.

Equipment for producing titanium dioxide -- The mill powder equipment of the mine mill

Traditional processing - laurel grinding machine series
Ramon mill is a more stable and reliable grinding equipment, which plays an important role in titanium powder grinding. The equipment is mainly used to grind the titanium white powder, and its grinding effect is good, the finished grain size is fine and uniform, the pass sieve rate is very high, the equipment is complete set, the production efficiency is high.

New processing - GUI mine grinding machine new micro - powder machine series
GKW micro powder machine is the creative new super fine powder machine. GKW micropowder machining material range is the most extensive equipment in the range of 400 -1250 non-metallic mineral ores in China, which is a new super fine powder machine with high cost performance. It is a special equipment for processing titanium dioxide industry in China. Wear-resisting, high yield, low energy consumption, environmental protection.

Performance advantages:
  • Grain size of finished products 400-1250 (non-polar adjustment);
  • The grinding of complete powder materials;
  • Grinding of hard materials;
  • Low cost of equipment vulnerable parts;
  • Equipment maintenance, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts;
  • The equipment unit energy consumption is small and the output is high, which can create better economic benefits for users;
  • Environmental protection.
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