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Description of the Structure of the Hammer Coal Crusher

The hammer crusher consists of a box body, a rotor, a hammer head, a counterpunch liner, and a sieve plate.  Structural composition of crusher:  Hammer crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, less crushing and low energy consumption. However, due to the rapid wear of hammers, the application of hard hammers is limited. In addition, because the grid section is afraid of blockage, it is not suitable to use it to break large moisture and clay containing materials. This crusher is usually used to crush brittle materials such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum and chalk. Changing the hammers of the hammer crusher to the ring coal crusher of the steel ring is a variant of the hammer crusher. It uses the combined action of high speed impact and low speed roller pressure to break the material, so that a finer product can be obtained. It is mainly used for crushing coal for power plants, but it can also be used for crushing gypsum, salt chemical materials and some medium and hard materials.
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