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Guilin Mine Machinery Factory - The Application of High-end Roller Mill of Calcium Carbonate in Chin

With the development of ring roller grinding technology, many customers of calcium carbonate powder enterprises found that the ring roller mill has obvious energy consumption advantages compared with other milling equipment when processing calcium carbonate superfine powder. As a result, more and more calcium carbonate enterprises choose ring roller mill as a powder grinding equipment for superfine processing of calcium carbonate.

It is understood that, in the new modern calcium carbonate production line, more than 80% of calcium carbonate enterprises use ring roll grinding as marble, calcite, limestone and other grinding equipment, in particular, the GKH series new ring roller mill has been praised by the calcium carbonate industry after the awards ceremony of the machinery industry. Ultrafine ring roller mill has become one of the most important equipment of modern calcium carbonate superfine machining. A 43-year special grinding mill for the mine. The new ring roller mill will lead the development of ring roller mill industry.

GKH series of new ultrafine ring roller mill is an ultra-fine crushing equipment which has been developed successfully in the production and development of Guilin mine for many years. The machine has roller pressing, grinding, impact and other integrated mechanical crushing performance. It is widely used in talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potassium feldspar, bentonite, kaolin, graphite, carbon and other Mohs hardness of less than 7, moisture within 6% of the non-metallic minerals ultra-fine grinding, it is a kind of ultra-fine crushing equipment which is truly efficient, energy saving and especially suitable for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.

GKH ultrafine ring roller mill has four advantages in grinding calcium carbonate. 1. High efficiency and high yield, energy saving and environmental protection; 2. Reliable operation, low cost, and convenient maintenance; 3. Complete set of equipment and wide applicability; 4. Cost-effective and investment province.

Along with the country's further emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, and the continued weakness of the global economy this year. Energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection and cost control have become the requirements of the industry in response to The Times and the new thinking of the industry. The domestic polycarbonate concentration of calcium carbonate has been on the road of industry rectification. The upgrading of process equipment upgrade and other contents are included in the key work of transformation, and the state also gives strong support to the policy. Guilin mining machinery plant (Gui Kuang) GKH new ring roller mill is precisely in order to comply with the needs of the development of the industry, it is a "technical innovation", "environmental protection", "energy saving" concept of the ultra-fine flour mill.

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