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The Characteristics of Double Hammer Crusher

The double hammer crusher does not have sieve grate bottom, even if it is high wet material, it will never clog up. The double hammer crusher has the advantages of large production, low noise and high crushing efficiency. This solves the problem that the hammer and liner of the old crusher wear too fast. The double hammer crusher is suitable for large, medium and small brick factories, coal washing plants, slag mills, coal mines and other industries. It has the following characteristics and performance: 1. The double hammer crusher is broken through the two channels of double rotors, no sifting device, all kinds of wet slag can be broken, even if it is taken out of the water, it can be broken at any time, there is no sticking blockage phenomenon. The general crusher, because the material is stuck in the crushing cavity and causes blockage, causes the related parts to aggravate the attrition. This series crusher can avoid the above phenomenon. 2. High alloy wear-resistant hammer. 3. Unique displacement and clearance technology. After the hammer is worn, it does not need to be repaired. The mobile position is repeatedly used. A hammer can be used with three pairs of hammers. 4. The crusher rotates in two directions, and through the continuous two-way operation of the same class, it can be worn evenly between the hammer head and the broken tooth plate, so as to reduce the frequency of changing the vulnerable parts in the stop. 5. The particle size is uniform, the crushing ratio is large, the output is high, the energy consumption is low, and the material can be broken more than 20 tons per hour. The cost of crushing every ton of cinder is not more than 1.8 yuan - only to adjust the gap between the broken hammers can control the size of the material. 6. It is suitable for fine crushing of brittle materials, no blockage, less dust and low noise. 7. It shortens the time of material retention in the crushing chamber and improves the service life of the wearing parts. 8. The installation is convenient, which greatly improves the degree of freedom of the equipment. 9. The overhaul is quick and the side door on the top of the crusher can be opened, which makes the repair of the crusher and the replacement of the damaged parts become more quick and convenient, and shorten the time of maintenance. 10. Electric hydraulic control, one person can easily complete the operation, maintenance, replacement parts and so on.
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