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The Development of Cement Brick Making Machine

The cement brick making machine is a new type of brick making equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with the similar characteristics and market needs at home and abroad. In 1970s, our country introduced the eight-hole cement brick making machine abroad. It uses river sand and a small amount of fly ash and cement to suppress lime sand bricks. However, the rotation of the disc can only press one piece of brick at a time, and the output is low. When the large amount of industrial waste fly ash is used, there is a stratification phenomenon in the lack of exhaust. It cannot meet the requirements of the national wall reform and not meet the national industrial policy at that time. In order to improve the output and make up for the disadvantage of easy delamination of the defective products, the domestic mechanical engineers have developed a crankshaft type double crank mechanical pressing machine with two blocks, three blocks or even four blocks.  Because of its special pre pressure buffer design and the adjustment of the depth of the material, it can be qualified for the national policy of industrial structure of the new wall material with large amount of fly ash as raw material. The equipment inherits the eight-hole turntable type brick press without the need of the bracket, the advantages of the direct palletizing, and the stability and reliability of the mechanical motion, and 15~17 times a minute to ensure the production and quality of the single equipment. At that time, the national standard had only the old standard of gray sand brick and the standard of sintered bricks, and the bricks made of this equipment could only be tested by these two standards. In actual inspection, from appearance to quality, they meet or surpass the standard of the lime sand brick and the standard of fired brick at that time. According to the natural curing method similar to the cement component after the brick is formed, it is not necessary to build the kiln without burning, so the name of the "no burning brick" is spread.  As the traditional sintering brick requires a large amount of clay, some of them directly destroy the source of farmland. This not only destroys the integrity of land and resources in China, but also causes serious pollution to the air environment after burning coal in fired brick production. The 295 document issued by the Ministry of state construction, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the State Building Materials Bureau, issued in 1999, stipulates that the clay solid bricks are banned in one hundred and sixty cities in China. This "blew the national wall reform" Prohibition of burning red, promoting the development of new wall materials horn.  In twenty-first Century, with the development of building materials machinery, the new wall material equipment has been flourishing. From 2005 to now, with the deepening of the national wall reform policy, the rapid development momentum of the " cement brick making machine " in the new wall material equipment has been developing rapidly. With the continuous improvement of technology and the deepening of transformation. " There is a hundred schools of thought contending for the cement brick machine. Domestic " cement brick making machine" can be roughly divided into: mechanical compaction molding. Vibration molding (representing equipment for producing cement bricks after being improved by blocks). Hydraulic + vibration molding (for example, the introduction of foreign or domestic improved large block molding machine equipment). No matter what kind of raw materials and forming methods are used, the bricks made by these devices are maintained by natural curing or steam curing, so folk are commonly known as the "fire free brick", the production of this brick equipment is also known as " cement brick making machine".
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