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The Milling Industry is Developing Rapidly, Powder Material Becomes a Hot Investment Project

Powder industry is one of the more active industries in the development of science and technology nowadays. It is also a new industry with high correlation, strong economic driving force, fast development and good comprehensive benefits in the world industry. In 2010, with the deepening of the implementation of the national economic stimulus program, the economy began to bottom out and rebound. How can China's powder industry seize the opportunity of economic recovery?

At present, our country's powder materials almost include the current popular powder products: rutile titanium dioxide, anatase titanium dioxide series products, carbon black, ultra-fine high purity bismuth oxide, etc. Zinc oxide powder, electrolytic manganese dioxide, magnesium hydroxide, oxide ceramic powder, powder vanadium pentoxide, barium carbonate, strontium carbonate, silicon carbide powder, battery zinc powder; Ultrafine silver powder, iron powder, carbonyl iron powder, alloy iron powder, zirconium powder, molybdenum powder and other metal powder materials; Powder metallurgical products, powder metallurgical accessories, light calcium carbonate, kaolin and other non-metallic new materials; Rare earth hydrogen storage alloy powder, rare earth permanent magnet and new magnetic materials and their application products; Powder injection, freeze-dried powder injection; glass powder; Portland cement, slag Portland cement; flour, gluten powder, starch, corn starch; Processing and application of protein powder, distiller's grains dry powder, high phosphorus bone powder, meat powder, bone powder, silica, ultra-fine and Nano-tungsten powder and other Nano-materials.
The importance of powder technology to material industry is illustrated by "no fineness, no bulk, and powder can be used as material". Ultrafine powder is the basic material of many new materials. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building materials, daily chemical industry, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, aerospace and other fields of national economy. It is favored by listed companies. The stocks of these listed companies are mainly distributed in chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, biopharmaceuticals, food, pesticides and fertilizers, building materials, cement, ceramics and other industries. The concept of Nano-powder materials has become a hot investment in "new material plate".

Guilin Mining Machinery has professional production experience in grinding mill. With customer satisfaction as its main objective, it firmly grasps the development trend and Prospect of domestic ultra-fine powder industry. They actively develop new grinding equipment suitable for domestic ultra-fine grinding enterprises, especially new three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding machine and new ultra-large high pressure medium-speed grinding machine. This provides more choices for powder processing and meets the needs of different users. At the same time, the range of processing materials is more and more extensive. In the era of white-hot powder materials, powder processing equipment plays a huge role and keeps pace with the development of powder processing demand. It caters to the needs of customers and is well received by the market. It has become a landmark enterprise in the domestic grinding machinery manufacturing industry.

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