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The Quality of Crusher is an Important Standard to Measure Mining Equipment Enterprises

In accordance with the state's industrial policy of giving priority to supporting the development of basic industries such as energy, transportation and raw materials, mine equipment, as the pillar of these basic industries, shall receive priority support from the state for further development and improvement, and provide more high-quality mining equipment with advanced international level for the development of coal, metal and non-metal mines to meet the needs of national economic development and needs for energy and raw materials. Mine equipment mainly includes crusher, sand making machine and grinder. Crusher is the main link in the whole ore crushing process, and also an important standard to measure the strength of mining equipment enterprises.

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Mine equipment is highly technical and integrated equipment. In the development of new equipment, human achievements in various fields are constantly integrated. With the progress of material science, manufacturing technology, information technology and computer technology, new technology has been injected into every round of products. The replacement cycle of parts is getting shorter and shorter, and the replacement of new equipment is getting faster and faster. Especially for the development of large mining equipment, there is no mature experience to learn from, and no mistakes are allowed in the design. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the design efficiency and quality, and enhance the independent innovation ability and market competitiveness of enterprises by virtue of the integration of multi-disciplinary technologies. On the basis of the integration of mining equipment, computer technology and network technology, the trend of digital development has been formed.

Recalling the development history of crusher, there are mainly jaw crusher, impact crusher, conical crusher, hammer crusher, ultra-fine crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher and so on. There are many kinds of crushers, so they have different names. Vertical crusher (the main shaft is vertical) has become a hot-selling crusher product with breakage instead of grinding since it was introduced in the 1980s. As a fine crusher, its average discharging granularity is less than 3-4 mm and 90% is fine powder, which reduces the feed granularity of the ball mill and increases its output by 20-30%. After more than 20 years of development and evolution, vertical crusher from the first generation to the fifth generation, from a single blow crushing evolved into impact crushing, the service life of the hammer head is four times longer than that of the old crusher. Vertical impact crusher, the representative product of vertical crusher, is widely used in material grinding engineering in iron ore, gold mine, cement, glass, ceramics, electric power and iron and steel industry. But if we choose the vertical crusher for the crushing of highway construction materials, that is the wrong selection, which needs to use the horizontal crusher we will talk about below. Nowadays, vertical crusher has developed to 5X series high-efficiency impact crusher in Guilin Mining Machinery. It is a model of the combination of professional crushing technology and mechanical manufacturing. It is a full reflection of new technology. 5X series vertical crusher can not only provide high-quality aggregate for expressway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, port wharf, concrete mixing station and so on, but also become the core equipment of machine-made sand industry and stone shaping field indisputably. It has become the mainstream equipment in the fields of metal ore crushing, quartz sand production, steel slag treatment and so on.

With the development of technology, Guilin Mining Machinery has introduced hydraulic cone crusher, large jaw crusher, crawler mobile crusher and tyre mobile crusher, which are specially developed for the sand and gravel standards used in the current natural environment and national construction needs. It is widely used in national key highway and railway projects, including water conservancy, hydropower and other industries. Especially European trapezoidal grinder and large vertical grinder, which are two typical products of grinder series, are welcomed and favored by major cement factories. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly cement equipment at present.

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