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What Important Parts of Jaw Crusher Need to be Maintained

Among many crushers, jaw crusher can generally be seen in the crushing production line. So jaw crusher is a kind of ore processing machinery commonly used in ore crushing and processing. The output of jaw crusher is large, and the structure of the machine is simple and easy to operate. It is a kind of ore processing equipment which is very suitable for ore crushing and processing. Jaw plate in jaw crusher is the main crushing parts of jaw crusher. How to reduce the wear of jaw plate in crusher is a problem that every user is concerned about.

Jaw plate of jaw crusher occupies a very important position in jaw crusher. Jaw plate is a common part of jaw crusher for crushing ore. So jaw plate is easy to wear in jaw crusher. Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. and everyone say how to do a good job of jaw plate maintenance of jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher

The jaw plate of jaw crusher is divided into moving and fixed parts. The movable jaw connects the tie rod and the jaw head to move freely, while the jaw is fixed on the casing. The jaw crusher starts to operate under the action of the motor. The distance between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw is close and distant from each other, and the material is broken between the two.

In order to reduce the wear problem of jaw crusher, users need to scientifically select equipment models, taking into account factors such as hardness and particle size of raw materials; reasonable intake of elements during manufacturing, too high or too low hardness is not conducive to the extension of life; the number of crushers can be increased appropriately, and the working pressure of each equipment can be reduced.

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