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Guilin Mining Machinery Describes the Working Principle and Structure of Roller Crusher

Roller crusher is an efficient crushing equipment, which stands out among many crushing equipment because of its efficient working principle and reasonable structure design. The crusher crushes materials with less energy consumption to achieve more efficient crushing efficiency, and is one of the current crushers with higher efficiency. The following Guilin Mining Machinery Manufacturer will give you a detailed description of the working principle and structural characteristics of the counter-roll crusher.
Working principle and structure of counter-roller crusher
1. The series of counter-roll crushers are mainly composed of rollers, roller support bearings, pressing and adjusting devices and driving devices.
2. Adjustment of discharging granularity: wedge or gasket adjusting device is installed between two rollers, and adjustment bolt is installed at the top of wedge adjusting device. When the adjusting bolt pulls the wedge upward, the wedge lifts the movable roller from the fixed wheel, that is, the clearance between the two rollers becomes larger, and the grain size of the discharged material becomes larger. When the wedge is downward, the clearance between the two wheels of the movable roller reduces and the grain size of the discharged material decreases under the action of the compression spring. Gasket device adjusts the size of discharged material by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of gaskets. When the gasket is added, the clearance between the two rollers becomes larger, and when the gasket is reduced, the clearance between the two rollers becomes smaller, and the grain size of the discharged material becomes smaller.
3. The driving mechanism is driven by two motors through a triangular belt to pull the roller on the groove wheel and rotate in the relative direction. When crushing the material, the material passes through the roller from the inlet and outlet, and is crushed by rolling. The crushed product is discharged from the bottom of the chassis.
4. In order to be safe, the transmission part should install the safety cover by itself according to the actual situation.
Application of roller crusher
The counter-roll crusher has the advantages of reliable operation, simple maintenance, low operation cost and adjustable size of discharging material. According to the number of rollers, it can be divided into two-roll crusher and four-roll crusher. It can be widely used in the processing of brittle and tough materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal and other industries. Roller crusher is used for crushing and fine crushing of ores and rocks below medium hardness in mineral processing, chemical, cement, building materials and other industrial sectors.
1. To strengthen the work of iron removal for ore feeding, the crusher will be damaged if the non-crushed material falls between the rollers, resulting in parking accident. Therefore, the iron removal device should be installed before the crusher.
2. Viscous materials are easy to block the breaking space. In dealing with the blockage fault, the stoppage should be handled, and the mining should not be carried out in operation.
3. When the treated materials contain large blocks, it should be noted that large blocks of ore are easily squeezed out of the crushing space to prevent injury or damage to equipment.
4. When the roller crusher runs for a long time, because of the wear of the roller surface, it will cause the product grain size to be too fine. At this time, attention should be paid to adjusting the ore discharge port or to the maintenance of the equipment.
5. Strengthen the inspection of the equipment, refuel the lubricating parts of the equipment on time, and keep the equipment in good lubricating condition.
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