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The Operation Principle of Raymond Grinding Mill Machine

Working principle of raymond grinding mill machine
After the raymond grinding mill machine breaks the bulk raw materials to the required feed size, the bucket elevator will deliver the materials to the storage bin, and then the electromagnetic feeder will deliver them to the grinding chamber of the main machine, and the materials entering the grinding chamber will be ground between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The powder after grinding is carried to the analyzer by the air flow of the fan for classification. The fine powder meeting the fineness requirements is sent to the large cyclone collector through the air flow pipe for separation and collection, and then discharged through the discharger as the finished product.

The working process of the main machine of raymond grinding mill machine is to drive the central shaft to rotate through the supporting equipment, and the upper end of the shaft is connected with a plum blossom frame. The rack is equipped with a grinding roller to form a swing fulcrum, which not only revolves around the center, but also revolves around the grinding ring. During the same rotation of the blade and the grinding roller, the material shovel is thrown into the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a cushion layer, which is milled by the centrifugal force (extrusion pressure) outward generated by the rotation of the grinding roller, so as to achieve the purpose of pulverizing.

The analysis machine of raymond grinding mill machine drives the blades on the rotary table to rotate through the speed regulating motor and secondary deceleration to form the grading effect on the powder. The speed of blade rotation is adjusted according to the particle size of finished powder. In order to obtain fine particles, the rotating speed of the blade must be increased to increase the contact between the leaf and the powder, so that the unqualified powder is thrown to the outer wall of the blade and separated from the air flow. The coarse particles fall into the grinding chamber for regrinding due to the effect of self gravity. The qualified mouth powder is sucked into the large cyclone collector with the air flow through the blade. After the air flow and powder are separated, the powder is collected. The large cyclone collector plays an important role in the performance of the pulverizer. When the airflow with powder enters the collector, it is in the state of high-speed rotation. After the separation of the airflow and powder, the airflow moves to the center with the contraction of the conical body wall to the bottom of the cone (from the natural length of the airflow) to form a rotating upward airflow cylinder, and then the powder is collected.

Due to the negative pressure state of the upward rotating air core, the lower end of the collector is highly required to be sealed. It must be strictly separated from the outside air, otherwise the collected powder will be taken away by the core air flow again, which directly affects the output of the whole machine. Therefore, the lower end of the collector is equipped with a powder locking device, which is used to separate the positive pressure gas from the negative pressure gas of the collector. This is a very important part. If there is no powder locking device or the tongue plate of the powder locking device is not tightly sealed, it will cause no powder or less powder, which will affect the output of the whole machine.

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