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GKW970 Micro Powder Mill

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    GKW1270 Micro Powder Mill is a new environmental superfine powder mill developed by our R&D team for grinding 400-1250 mesh powder. It is an enlarged type of GKW970. It is mainly used for grinding...

GKW970 Micro Powder Mill is a new modified superfine powder mill developed by our R&D team for grinding 400-1250 mesh powder based on client’s need.
It is mainly used for grinding non-flammable and non-explosive materials, whose hardness below seven Moh's hardness following humidity below 6%, such as dolomite, calcite, marble, barite, limestone etc. As the top option of grinding 400-1250 mesh powder, CKW micro powder mill is featured with high capacity, wide application, energy-saving, easy operation. Its total installed power is 132KW. If grinding calcite, the capacity is 1.5 t/h for 1250mesh powder.

Technical & Structural Benefits of GKW970 Micro Powder Mill:

1. Finished particle size 400 mesh -1250 mesh (stepless adjustment);
2. Breakthrough hard materials and powdery materials, and grind the materials such as talc and fly ash;
3. Low cost of equipment wearing parts;
4. Convenient equipment maintenance, maintenance & replacement of wearing parts;
5. Low energy consumption and high output, for users to create better economic results;
6. Energy conservation and environmental protection.


Max Feeding Size

Product Fineness



Total Installed Power











Safe Regulations for Operation of GKW970 Micro Powder Mill:

(1) Persons who are familiar with the machine's instruction book and its characteristics are permitted to operate it.
(2) Strick shift system is required.It is necessary to have recording book that machine's operation (including running and lubricating the machine, temperature increase at all various parts and seal etc.), output per shift, product quality, voltage, current and the arising fault etc. Should be registered in detail.
(3) Starting and stopping must be carried out strictly depending on the regulations in Chapter "Applications".
(4) Working place must be kept tidy and clean.No piling is allowed in the machine room.After working finished, the machine should be stopped and its surface is wiped clean by each shift.
(5) Repairing, refilling and wiping are forbidden while the machine is working.
(6) Working with the fault is not allowed.The machine must immediately stop down for maintenance once troubles are found.Re-starting is only allowed after repair.
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