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Raymond Mill for Marble Powder Processing

Marble powder processing is relatively special, generally in accordance with customer requirements for processing and production. Therefore, marble powder production equipment is required to have great flexibility, especially the main equipment of the production line, raymond mill machine. It can process various fineness marble powder to meet the needs of users.

Marble is a very important inorganic mineral. Marble is widely used after being processed into a fine powder. Because it is quite different from other micro-powder processing industries, different processing technologies are often used in the process of marble powder processing. The whiteness, fineness and calcium content of processed marble powder are also different. The fineness of marble powder is 400 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2000 mesh, etc. But more enterprises are customized from manufacturers according to their own processing needs, such as choosing 1500 mesh heavy calcium powder. Therefore, raymond mill is required to have great flexibility in processing calcium glutamate powder, which can process marble powder in a certain range. For example, food-grade marble powder can be used as flour treatment agent, bulking agent, stabilizer, mineral accumulative food nutrition fortifier, filler in yeast sugar and processing aids for the food industry, etc.

The marble powder processing industry has developed rapidly and become a hot spot in the micro-powder industry. Marble powder processing is special, generally according to customer requirements for processing, so marble powder processing equipment is required to have great flexibility, especially the main equipment of the processing line, raymond mill, has great flexibility, can process various fineness marble powder to meet user needs. Our special Raymond mill for marble powder processing can process heavy marble powder, light marble powder and active marble powder with different processing technologies according to the actual processing needs of customers.

Among them, heavy marble powder is processed from calcite and rock by dry or wet grinding. The mass fraction of marble processed by raymond mill in our factory ranges from 0.9 to 0.98. It is mainly used as filler in the rubber industry and also as a coloring agent, isolating agent and demoulding agent. The quality of light marble processed by our plant is between 0.97 and 0.986. It is mainly used as white reinforcing filler for rubber, etc. Active marble is made of light marble or coupling agent for surface treatment rate mainly refers to ultra-fine grinding active marble, often used as a white reinforcing filler and other reinforcing agents.

Marble resources in China are particularly abundant and widely distributed. Among them, the storage of marble in Shaanxi is as high as 4.9 billion tons, which is the place with relatively high marble reserves. After a long period of research and development, my raymond mill for marble powder processing has absorbed the advanced technology of equipment in various micro-powder industries, at the same time, combined with the particularity of marble powder processing, made bold innovations. Up to now, Raymond mill for marble powder processing has made a brand-new improvement in mechanical quality, performance, grinding fineness and output, and can process marble powder to meet the high requirements of various industries. Our company not only designs and processes Raymond mill grinding line for marble powder processing, but also designs and processes various grinding lines for high, medium and low hardness materials. It includes calcite Raymond mill processing line and bentonite Raymond mill processing line. The fineness of Raymond mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 250 meshes and 3500 meshes.

As national powder R&D center, GUIKUANG has made much efforts and contributions for the development of powder industry more than 40 years. It is an expert raymond mill manufacturer.
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