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The Product Use of Impact Rock Crusher

High efficiency impact crusher, also known as high efficiency artificial sand making machine, is a high performance impact rock crusher developed by the company on the basis of PCL series impact crusher, with many national invention patents. Its main characteristic is to improve the linear speed of spindle rotor, and to effectively increase the impact force of material in the crushing cavity. At the same time, a ring of the cavity around the plate, which has better shaping effect and sand production rate. High efficiency impact crusher, with its unique lubricating method of dilute oil, has been widely used in the crushing and sand making of various building aggregates with its high efficiency and stable performance. It is an ideal sand making machine with high efficiency and energy-saving.

Working Principle of high efficiency impact rock crusher

High efficiency impact crusher adopts waterfall feed system. With a certain amount of control, the second material flow is introduced into the crushing chamber to increase the material quantity or density in the crushing chamber and promote the energy exchange between particles. The material entering the crushing chamber collided sharply with the suspension material and the material liner, and then collided with the material emitted from the wheel, and the material that lost the energy was discharged from the crushing chamber. When the sand making machine is running, the waterfall feed system can adjust the size of the waterfall flow through the external hydraulic device, and control the product particle size composition accurately. The cascade flow control system can be flexibly regulated by hydraulic pressure or manual control, which enables the crushing mechanism to adapt to the change of feeding and can control the product quality and fine material content completely.

Features of high efficiency impact crusher

1. High efficiency impact rock crusher has added hydraulic lifting device in the whole system, making the maintenance of equipment more convenient.

2. Impact crusher can control product grain level by optimizing multiple variables. For example, change the rotor speed of sand making machine; Using different annular crushing cavity; Adjust waterfall flow; The adjustment of finished particle size is realized by means of rotor with different diameter.

3. Because of low maintenance requirements and easy operation, the impact sand making machine can be easily and quickly matched with existing or planned crushing equipment.

4. The impact crusher is simple and quick to install. The crusher only needs a few supporting structures and is an ideal mobile device.

5. Be able to control product grain size, so as to maximize or minimize fine material production.

6. Capable of producing products of high grade cubes.

7. Excellent single particle dissociation characteristics of impact crusher to improve mineral recovery.

8. Selective crushing.

9. Various models can be used for any fine crushing.
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