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These Are the Keys to A High Efficiency of Wet Grinding Ball Mill.

Wet grinding ball mill is an indispensable grinding equipment for mineral processing in mines. It is mainly used for grinding crushed materials. The wet grinding ball mill has a horizontal rotary cylinder, which contains grinding bodies (iron balls, ceramic balls, pebbles, etc.) and materials.

Because of the rotation of the cylinder, the abrasive body is close to the cylinder wall under the action of centrifugal force and friction, and rotates with the cylinder. When it is brought to a certain height, it falls to the material and smashes the material due to its own gravity. At the same time, because the grinding body rotates along the axis of the cylinder and slides along the inner wall of the cylinder, the material can be crushed.

This is the working condition of the wet grinding ball mill, so how to make the ball mill more efficient? This is inseparable from the cylinder of the ball mill and its working parts.

Wet grinding ball mill is driven by motor through coupling, reducer, clutch and gear drive. Because of the large quality of ball mill, it is difficult to start directly, so it can be started by reducing the load of clutch advance. When the motor is running normally, the ball mill can be put into normal operation, and the clutch can also facilitate the positioning of the cylinder.

The function of ball mill liner is to protect cylinder body from direct impact and friction of abrasive body and material, and to reduce sliding of abrasive body. Material of lining board is required to be strong and wear-resistant. The commonly used materials are manganese steel, high manganese steel, nickel carbide steel, high chromium carbide steel, ceramic tile and rubber. It should be selected according to the nature of materials and the requirements of products. The fixing methods of lining board include bolt-free fixing method, bolt fixing method and lining method, which should be selected according to the characteristics of lining board.

The main bearing bears not only the gravity of the cylinder itself, but also the weight of the abrasive and material and the impact load when they fall. It works under heavy load and low speed, and its speed is usually less than tens of rotations. Separate sliding bearings are often used in production, and sometimes self-aligning roller bearings are also used. Bearings work at higher temperatures and are often cooled by water cooling devices. Lubrication of main bearings is very important. The main purpose of lubrication is to reduce friction and better heat dissipation. The commonly used lubrication methods are hydrodynamic lubrication and hydrostatic lubrication. The lubrication of the main bearing must be sufficient and reliable to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill.

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