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What Equipment is Used for Crushing Quartz Sand and the Use of Quartz Sand Roller Crusher

In the application of quartz sand, it is necessary to choose the crusher equipment that conforms to the characteristics of quartz stone, especially the development of quartz sand roller crusher model, realizing more efficient and energy-saving operation. Quartz sand roller crusher equipment is used for preliminary roughing. Because of the high hardness of quartz, it is necessary to choose the right equipment of roller crusher when processing. The selection of quartz sand production equipment will directly influence the investment of product quality and processing system. The selection is mainly based on the characteristics of the raw material of grinding stone crusher. Jihong machinery recommends the use of double-roll crusher, which is effective for crushing quartz sand and producing quartz glass.

The advantages of the quartzite crusher are as follows:

(1) The crushing ratio is large, the feed size is 100~220mm, and the particle size is less than 3mm, accounting for more than 90% (of which 30%~60% is powder).

(2) The energy utilization rate is high, and the unit output power consumption is 1.29KW. H/t.

(3) Matching with ball mill, it can increase the mill output by 30%~40%, and the power consumption of the system will decrease by 20%~30%.

(4) The wearing parts are made of high wear-resistant alloy material with long service life and few wearing parts.

(5) Balanced operation, good sealing performance, less dust and low noise.

(6) Simple structure, convenient operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

Another outstanding advantage of quartz crusher is that it can control the discharge particle size at will through frequency conversion control. The size of the output particle can be changed in one second. The machine has no bottom screen device and is shaped into a round polyhedron granule below 5mm at a time. The material of 5-8mm can be broken twice and broken up to 2-3mm below.

Quartzite crusher originally had another disadvantage, that is, the equipment is used to crush materials with impact and extrusion pressure, so the upper plate hammer of the rotor wears fast and is frequently replaced, especially in crushing hard materials, its wear is more serious. However, after replacing the new high chromium alloy plate hammer, the abrasion resistance increased by nearly 10 times and the crushing efficiency was greatly improved.

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