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What Factors Affect the Efficiency of Wet Grinding Ball Mill?

As the most widely used wet grinding ball mill in ball mill equipment, with its excellent grinding technology, it is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry.

The working efficiency of wet grinding ball mill in operation is affected by many factors, among which the rotational speed plays a vital role in the production process of wet grinding ball mill. The rotational speed of wet grinding ball mill is adjusted according to the different crushing degree of equipment. How to regulate it? Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. for your detailed analysis:

The wet grinding ball mill can be divided into fine grinding and rough grinding according to the needs of users and different materials. When fine grinding is carried out in industrial production, we should adjust the speed of ball mill. The principle is that when the speed of the ball mill is low, the grinding medium will roll down when it is brought to a certain height by the drum. The impact on the grinded material is low, and the production efficiency is low. On the contrary, if rough grinding is to be carried out, the speed of the ball mill should be increased. This is because when the speed of the ball mill is high; the body capacity is large. At this time, the motion mode of the grinding medium is mainly throwing type, which has a great impact on the ground material, so it is suitable for rough grinding. Users can adjust according to their degree of fragmentation to maintain stable productivity.

There are many problems in the process of using wet grinding ball mill. How to deal with the problems we encounter in using equipment quickly is the concern of customers and our enterprises, because it will directly affect the grinding efficiency of ball mill and increase the production cost of customers' enterprises. Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has a perfect pre-sale consultation and after-sales service system. Welcome to visit our company.
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