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Working Parameters of High Pressure Roller Mill

Working parameters are important factors to determine the energy utilization rate of high-pressure roller mill grinding effect.

(1) Structural parameters

The structural parameters of roller press include clamp angle, roller size, gap width between two rolls and maximum feeding rate.

(2) The main process parameters

The main process parameters are: roller pressure, roller linear speed, unit energy consumption, driving power.

The difference between high pressure roller mill and roller crusher (tradition)

Because the high pressure roller mill is very similar to the traditional roll mill in form, many people wrongly believe that the high pressure roller mill has the same disadvantages as the traditional roll mill. But in fact, there are two essential differences between the high pressure roller mill and the traditional comminution technology.

1. The high pressure grinding roller mill is crushed by quasi static pressure. The static pressure of the material in the high pressure roller mill can make the material "shattered". The traditional machine is a crusher designed based on the principle of crushing, dividing the material into two parts. This quasi static crushing method saves energy consumption by about 30%~50% compared with impact crushing.

2. The high pressure roller mill is laminated crushing, which is the mutual fragmentation of materials and materials. The comminution efficiency of this principle is obviously improved compared with the traditional crushing and ball milling technology, and the wear is obviously reduced.
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