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Working Principle and Structure of Wet Grinding Ball Mill Equipment

The wet grinding ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after they are crushed. In China's mineral processing industry, wet grinding ball mill is widely used, so it is very important to explore the characteristics and control strategies of ball mill.

The wet grinding ball mill is used for grinding materials in metallurgy, chemical industry, power industry, etc. It can deal with limestone, zircon and barite. The processing capacity of wet grinding ball mill produced by Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. ranges from 0.14 to 615 (t/h).

Working principle of wet grinding ball mill

The working principle of wet grinding ball mill is that the motor drives the cylinder to rotate through the deceleration device. When the cylinder is rotated, the crushed ore and steel balls are brought to a certain height by the friction force and centrifugal force of the lining plate. As a result of gravity, the ore will be thrown down and dropped, and the ore will be gradually crushed under the impact and grinding action. The crushed ore is discharged out of the barrel through the discharging part. After the discharged minerals are classified into qualified products in the screw classifier, the coarse sand is returned to the ball mill through the combined feeder to continue grinding. The feeder feeds continuously and evenly, the ore enters the ball mill continuously and evenly through the combined feeder, and the grinded materials are discharged continuously from the ball mill. Ball mill is a continuous grinding equipment which can work 24 hours a day.

Structure composition of wet grinding ball mill

Mill barrel: The mill barrel is composed of a steel plate rolled barrel and two Manholes with manhole frames. The parts at both ends of the barrel are machined.

End cap and trunnion: The inlet and outlet end caps of the mill are designed and manufactured by casting, and are connected with the cylinder of the mill by bolts.

Main Bearing: The bearing is installed on the hollow shaft of the end cover of the mill. It is maintained in the installation position by pressure and environmental protection. The bearing seat is welded with carbon steel.

Base: The main bearing base, the main gear box and the main drive motor are all installed on the base of the wet grinding ball mill. The base is equipped with adjusting bolts for easy adjustment.

Feeding Department: The feeding system of the mill consists of an inlet inclined groove lined with wear-resistant materials and a bearing base and base supporting its weight.

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