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Working Principle of Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill is the main equipment in the production process of superfine powder, which is used to produce superfine powder. For example, the lime powder we need to build our house needs to be processed by ultrafine mill, and the flour we eat is also processed by ultrafine mill machine. They are different types of ultra-fine mills. Large scale superfine powder production equipment is generally used for mine production, while small-scale equipment is generally used for family life, such as soybean milk machine.

When the ultrafine mill is in operation, the large materials are crushed to the required particle size by the hammer crusher, then they are sent to the bin by the elevator, fed into the main machine uniformly and continuously by the feeding equipment, and the materials entering the main machine fall to the bulk tray on the upper part of the main machine turntable along with the inclined diversion pipe. When the main machine of ultrafine powder mill works, dozens of grinding rollers rotate and roll in the ring. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is scattered to the periphery of the disc and falls into the grinding chamber, which is punched, rolled and ground by the grinding roller in the ring. After multi-layer grinding, the materials enter the powder concentrator with the air flow of the fan for powder classification. Under the action of the impeller of the powder concentrator, the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements fall back to the grinding chamber for re-grinding. The materials that meet the fineness requirements enter the cyclone with the air flow for separation and collection of part of the powder, and are discharged by the bottom discharge device, which is the finished powder. The rest of the powder enters the pulse dust collector from the upper part of the cyclone dust collector and adheres to the surface of the filter bag. The pulse valve controls the high-pressure air flow to blow it to the inside of the filter bag in an instant, which causes the filter bag to expand violently and fluctuate. Through the sudden shaking of the filter bag, the powder adhering to the filter bag will drop, and the powder falling on the lower part of the dust remover will be collected and discharged by the screw conveyor, which is the finished product. The filtered air flow is discharged into the air with the fan through the muffler. The system belongs to open circuit system and operates under negative pressure.

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