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Troubleshooting of Raymond Mill

Common failure 1
Low yield or without flour 
Reasons: (1) The powder lock has not been adjusted properly and the seal is not tight, which causes powder inversion. (2) The shovel knife is worn out and the material cannot be shoveled. Removal methods: (1) Check and adjust the seal of the powder locker, and find that the air leak should be shoveled. (2) Replace the new spade.
Common failures 2
The finished powder is too coarse or too fine. The causes are: (1) The blades of the analyzer are worn seriously and can not be classified. (2) The air volume of the fan is inappropriate. Removal methods: (1) Change the blade length properly and turn off the air intake of the small fan to solve the problem of excessive coarseness. (2) Import air volume should be increased if excessive fineness is required.
Common failures 3
The main current rises and the fan current falls. Causes :(1) excessive feeding, air duct blocked by powder, pipe exhaust is not smooth, circulating air heating makes the main current, machine temperature rises, fan current drops. Removal methods: (1) Reduce the amount of feed and remove dust accumulation in the air duct. (2) Open the excess air duct valve, and control the temperature of the material entering the machine below 6 ℃.
Common failures 4
The main engine has high noise and vibration.
Reasons: (1) Small feed. The shovel knife is worn seriously, the material cannot be shoveled, and the anchor bolt is loose. (2) The deformation of the grinding ring is serious. Exclusion methods: (1) adjust the feeding quantity and replace the new spade. (2) Replacement of feed size. (3) Replacement of grinding rollers and rings.
Common failures 5
Fan vibration
The causes are: (1) powder accumulation or wear imbalance on the blade. (2) The anchor bolt is loose. Removal methods: (1) Clean up powder accumulation or replace the blade. (2) Tighten the anchor bolt.
Common failures 6
Heating of drive and analysis engine oil tank 
Reasons: (1) The viscosity of the oil is high, the screw pump oil can not be beaten up, so that the upper bearing is short of oil. Exclusion methods: (1) Check whether the grade and viscosity of the oil are in conformity with the requirements. (2) Check the running direction of the analyzer.
Common failures 7
Damage of powder feeding bearing in roller grinding device
Causes: (1) Oil breakage or seal ring damage. (2) Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning. Exclusion methods: (1) timely refueling in accordance with the stipulated time. (2) Clean regularly and replace oil seals.
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