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Silicon Carbide Manufacturing Can Adopt A New Environmentally Friendly Pendulum Grinding Mill

Silicon carbide is made by quartz sand, petroleum coke and high-quality silica as the main raw materials. Guilin Mining Machinery's pendulum grinding mill, which combines high efficiency, high productivity and environmental protection, can guarantee the manufacture of silicon carbide.


Mainly because silicon carbide has high hardness, chemical stability and certain toughness, silicon carbide can be used in the manufacture of bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and free grinding to process glass, ceramics, stone, cast iron and Some non-ferrous metals, hard alloys, titanium alloys, high speed steel tools and grinding wheels.

2. Refractory materials and corrosion resistant materials

Mainly because silicon carbide has high melting point (decomposition degree), chemical inertness and thermal shock resistance, silicon carbide can be used in slabs for grinding tools, ceramic products, and kiln and zinc smelting industrial vertical cylinders and a variety of silicon carbide ceramic products such as silicon carbide bricks for distillation furnaces, aluminum electrolytic cell linings, crucibles, and small furnace materials.

3. Chemical industry

Because silicon carbide can be decomposed in molten steel and reacted with oxygen and metal oxides in molten steel to form carbon monoxide and silicon-containing slag. Therefore, it can be used as a purifying agent for smelting steel, that is, as a deoxidizer for steel making and a modifier for cast iron. This generally uses low purity silicon carbide to reduce costs. At the same time, it can also be used as a raw material for manufacturing silicon tetrachloride.

4. Electrician

It is used as a heating element, a non-linear resistance element and a high semiconductor material. The heating element refers to a silicon carbon rod (suitable for various electric furnaces operating at 1100 to 1500 ° C), a non-linear resistance element, and various types of lightning protection valve sheets.

5. Other

It is formulated into a far-infrared radiation coating or a far-infrared radiation dryer made of silicon carbide silicon plate.

The advantages of using a new environmentally-friendly pendulum grinding mill for the manufacture of silicon carbide:
First, the most popular models
With the pendulum grinding structure, the material is processed more efficiently and with higher efficiency in the unit grinding time.

Second, cost-effective

The output of a single unit is up to 25 tons / hour, and the output of the equipment is equivalent to 6 conventional 4R mills. The power consumption is low, and the power consumption is about 3/4 of 6 4R Raymond mills. The successful development of the HC1700 is the first revolution in the expansion of the Raymond grinding mill.

Third, high efficiency and high yield

1. Multi-layer barrier structure to ensure the sealing of the grinding roller device
The working environment of the roller device is extremely high dust concentration. The roller device of the conventional R-type pendulum mill cannot reliably seal the bearing by the laminated seal. The grinding roller assembly needs to be refueled every day. The HCZ vertical pendulum mill adopts maintenance-free oil seal technology, spiral seal and skeleton oil seal multi-layer barrier structure to effectively prevent the entry of dust and maintain the normal working state of the roller assembly. It takes only 500-800 hours to refuel and maintain once, greatly reducing equipment maintenance time.

2. The mill adopts frequency conversion speed control and adopts PLC interface operation, which can basically realize fully automated production. The workshop can realize unmanned operation and greatly save labor cost. And customers can choose the remote intelligent monitoring system of the mill, and control the operation of the mill all the time.

3. The important parts are made of thick high-quality steel, and the wear parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The whole machine has high wear resistance and long service life.

Fourth, easy to maintain

From the crushing, conveying and milling of raw materials to the collection, storage and packaging of finished products, it can be an independent and complete production system with strong systemicity. The applicability of the equipment is strong, and it is not necessary to replace any parts to meet the needs of producing different materials and different fineness products.

Good quality makes a good future. Guilin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. always puts the quality of products first, focusing on the interests of customers. The company advocates mutual benefit, creates more value for customers and provides better services. It has offices throughout the country to provide efficient services to customers.

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