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Hammer Mill Crusher Equipment

DSM hammer mill is a very good crusher in the market. It has long been used in cement clinker grinding and ultrafine crushing operation circuit. It is used to complete the ultra fine crushing operation before the ball mill. Its grinding technology fully meets the grinding requirements of the roller press, and the cost is greatly reduced. This greatly improves the efficiency and investment cost of ball mills, and has been successfully applied in many cement and mining enterprises.  In the field of limestone clinker crushing, it can make the amount of particle size less than 1mm reach 65%, and increase the output of ball mill by 40%. It is an ideal pregrinding equipment for cement and mining industry.  The performance characteristics  1. It is used to complete ultra-fine grinding before ball mill, which greatly improves the efficiency of ball mill and is the main equipment of sand making.  2. The equipment investment is equivalent to 10-15% of the roller press, and the output of the mill is increased by 40%.  3. The system process is simple and easy to operate, with low maintenance cost and failure rate.  4. It covers an area of small area.
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