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Improved Model Grinding Roller Assembly with Maintenance-free Device

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  • Primary Refilling Grease: after 7 days;
    After Then: Refill grease once every 30 days.
  • New-type end face sealing structure with wear compensation, more advanced and reliable. Maintenance interval is longer, and maintenance cost is lower.

Technical & Structural Benefits of Improved Model Grinding Roller Assembly with Maintenance-free Device:

  • Refilling grease interval can be as high as more than 30 days, which is 15 times more than ordinary roller assembly. The grease cost can be saved more than 12 times a year.
  • Maintenance time & repair & replacement cost of bearings, bushings, gasket, grease seal, etc. can be greatly decreased. Refilling grease time can be saved above 480 hours every year, which means the mill operates 480 hours more every year. According to feedback from users, new-type roller assembly has more reliable sealing structure, effectively preventing the loss of lubricants and the powder into bearings, so that the powder is protected from contamination. It has significantly reduced equipment maintenance costs and maintenance time, improved production efficiency and reduced operating costs increased profits.

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