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Hammer Mill Coal Crusher

Working principle  1. The working principle of secondary coal crusher When the raw materials that conform to the feeding size enter the crusher, they are immediately hit to the impact plate with a high-speed rotating hammer head of 60m/s, and then repeatedly hit by the hammer head. Finally, the further crushing is completed by squeezing between the rotating hammer head and the wall of the impact plate. The discharge particle size of coal crushing machine can be determined by adjusting the distance between impact plate and hammer head according to the fineness of the discharge.  2. The working principle of the shock absorption platform The damping platform is composed of mesa, pedestal, spring group and damper. It is a combination of the spring group and the damper between the table and the base to reduce or eliminate the dynamic load produced during the start and operation of the coal crusher, so as to reduce the damage caused by the vibration to the civil structure.  Install and debug  1. Installation The broken coal building is arranged in sequence from top to bottom, the highest roof is 27 m, and the coal crusher is on the 10.2 m level. First, according to the technical requirements of the shock absorption platform, the shock absorption platform is positioned and located, so that the horizontal slope of the platform is not more than 2 mm. Then the coal crusher body and motor are hoisted to connect the hydraulic coupler. After the whole installation of coal crusher, because the length of the coal crusher is 1.8m, if we want to avoid the serious wear of the local hammer, it is necessary to adjust the distributor in order to ensure the coal crusher to run in a good state. In addition, in order to avoid the dust pollution of the inlet and outlet of the coal crusher, a water impact dust collector is installed.  2. Debugging After the end of the installation, the system should be checked thoroughly before the start of the test. In particular, the size adjustment screw of the coal crusher machine should be adjusted to the maximum, so as to avoid the impact of the hammer head and cause unnecessary damage. After the coal crusher starts, adjust the adjusting screw on the corresponding side and pay attention to the direction of rotation so as to meet the requirement of particle size. After changing the rotation direction of the coal crusher, the screw must be adjusted to meet the requirement of particle size.
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