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GK-HGX Type Ash Calcium Powder Seperator

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GK-HGX type Ash Calcium Powder Separator Model:

A type/B type/E type/F type

GK-HGX type Ash Calcium Powder Separator Features:

  • A dual-purpose machine (ie, calcium hydroxide powder, calcium ash powder can be produced) Product fineness (mesh) can be regulated arbitrarily.
  • The capacity for one set can produce 8-15 ton per hour( different capacity for different models).
  • It consumes less powder. One ton costs 13-16 kW·h. It saves 50% power consumption compared with other ash-calcium-powder machines ( one tone can save energy charge RMB15-18).
  • It is the one of primary equipment for an annual output of 20,000 tons of calcium hydroxide powder processing enterprises.

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