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Gk2150 Large Grinding Mill - Zhejiang 500,000t/Year Limestone Powder Processing Project

Project Status:

The large enterprise in Zhejiang Changxing purchased one set of GK2150 Large Grinding Mill equipment at the beginning of 2012. Up to now, the equipment operates steady with low failure rate, the high capacity and low energy consumption brought huge benefit for the enterprise owner. The owner is satisfied with the quality and performance of GK2150 Powder Mill, as well as our service. Changxing is a famous calcium carbonate production base in China. After the resources integration, all calcium carbonate enterprises replace the old equipment to large-scale, energy saving and environmental friendly Raymond Mill equipment. At present, over 90% of Changxing powder processing enterprises applied GUIKUANG grinding mills.

Production Status:

Type & quantity: 1 set of GK2150
Material: calcium carbonate
Product fineness: 250 mesh D97
Capacity: 40t/h