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Use of Ramon Mill

Before the operation of Raymond Mill in Raymond mill workshop, check whether all access doors are closed tightly, check whether the gap between jaw plates of crusher meets the feed particle size, and adjust the speed of analyzer to meet the requirements of approximate finished product particle size. Finally press to turn on in order.

1.Start the dustpan elevator; 2. Start the jaw crusher; 3. Start the analyzer after the material is stored in the silo; 4. Start the blower (start with no load and load after normal operation); 5. Start the main engine of Raymond mill and start the electromagnetic vibration feeder at the moment of starting the main engine. At this time, Raymond mill work is the beginning.

The operation sequence of Raymond mill is simple as follows: Starting: Elevator → crusher → analyzer → fan → main machine → feeder. When the Raymond mill is turned off, the units shall be turned off in the following order:

1. First turn off the feeder to stop feeding;
2. Stop the main engine in about one minute;
3. Stop the blower after blowing the residual powder;
4. Finally, turn off the analyzer.

The shutdown sequence of Raymond mill is: feeder → main engine → blower → analyzer. Note: after the elevator transports a certain amount of materials to the silo, the crusher shall be turned off first and then the hoisting shall be turned off. This item shall be changed by the current storage amount.

It is not allowed to refuel at will during normal operation of Raymond mill. To ensure production safety, the mill shall be turned off immediately for inspection and troubleshooting in case of abnormal noise or sudden increase of load in any part, so as to avoid major accidents. When the machine is started up again, the surplus material in the mill must be taken out, otherwise, the current is too large when the machine is started up, which will affect the start-up.

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