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Effects of Physical Properties of Stone Materials on the Properties of Sand-making Machines

The physical properties of materials refer to their ability to resist external forces when subjected to external forces.

Strength, hardness, brittleness.

(1) The strength of the material - Strength is related to the resistance of artificial sand making machine. Generally speaking, the strength and resistance of the sand making machine are directly proportional to each other. The greater the resistance, the higher the energy consumption. In view of the strength characteristics of the material, choosing the right sand making machine can make the sand making machine more efficient. We should consider the strength of different sand making machines. The strength of the material is related to its particle size. The smaller the particle size, the smaller the microscopic cracks, and the higher the strength.

(2) Hardness refers to the ability of materials to resist local surface forces without being destroyed. There are different hardness grading methods according to different standards. The compressive strength standard tested under the laboratory material conditions: the material with compressive strength greater than 250Mpa is hard material, and the material from 40 to 250Mpa is called medium hard material, and the material less than 40Mpa is called soft material. The hardness data measured by the same material are usually different due to the uneven material properties. In practical work, the fragility of the material is often used to indicate its hardness, which is because the hardness of the material can reflect the difficulty of the material manufacturing machine to a certain extent.

(3) The brittleness, the brittleness of material has great influence on the function of sand - making machine. The material before and after sand making machine does not change or change little is called brittle material. The material is called plastic material when the sander first deforms and then breaks. Brittleness is proportional to the difficulty of sand - making machine.

(4) Friability - fragility refers to the specific power consumption of a material from a certain granularity machine to another specific dimension under certain conditions. Because the process of sand making machine is affected by many factors, it is impossible to use strength, brittleness and hardness to comprehensively represent the difficulty of the material making machine, so there are many ways to express the material vulnerability. Currently, the bond performance index is widely recognized.

It should be pointed out that the physical properties of materials are not uniform. The binding force between different materials is less than that of the same material. The binding force of the same material surface is smaller than that of the material interior. Generally speaking, the smaller the material particle size is, the less effective the material strength is. As the strength of materials increases, sand making machines are difficult to make materials.

The research on sand making theory mainly focuses on three aspects: strength theory, crushing effect and crushing energy consumption. The new crusher based on the principle of multiple crushing and less grinding is the main direction.
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