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The Production Process of Titanium White Powder - Guilin Ramon Machine

With the development of industrial engineering, the demand for titanium dioxide is increasing year by year, the output of domestic titanium dioxide can meet the demand of industrial production, while the product quality is not high, and the environmental pollution caused in the process of production is also very serious. Therefore, the research on the production technology and the equipment of titanium white powder in China has been being studied.

1. Reconstruction of Ramon mill
The problems may occur of the thunder mill system are: First, the grinding roller of the mill is frequently damaged; Second, there is much titanium dioxide deposits in the fan impeller and pipeline, which will not only obstruct the pipe but also cause the fan to vibrate. Worker operating environment is poor, with much dust and loud noise. For the problems existing in the operation of Ramon mill, Guilin mining machinery plant has put forward a reasonable reform method after careful study of each part of the system depending on 43 years of research experience of titanium white powder. For details, please contact Guilin mining machinery plant customer service: 15578398999.

After transforming the workplace environment, it is greatly improved. The work site basically can be done without dust. The noise pollution of Raymond mill in the runtime has been effectively controlled. The staffs also don’t need to wear a face mask anymore. The improvement of the material of grinding roller and the addition of water toughness treatment technology greatly improve its wear resistance, tensile strength, and toughness, and the service life of Ramon mill has been greatly improved.

Through the optimization of the titanium white powder Raymond mill, the production quality has been greatly improved, the environmental problems have been improved obviously, and the economic benefits obtained have been remarkable. The quality of production equipment of titanium white powder is guaranteed after transformation.

2. New titanium white powder mill
As the research and development center of the national institute of powder technology, Guilin mine has made its own efforts and contributions to the development of the powder industry for more than 40 years. GKW micro powder machine is the creative new super fine powder machine independently researched and developed by Guilin mine. GKW micro powder machining material range is the most extensive in the range of 400 mesh -1250 non-metallic mineral ores in China. It is a new superfine powder machine with high-cost performance. It is not a ring roller mill or a vertical mill; it is a domestic initiative, unique advanced, new micro - powder machine.

Application domain:materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coating, paper making, rubber, medicine, food and other fields of under Moh's hardness 7 non-flammable materials powder grinding processing under the environment of 6 percent or less humidity.

Applicable material:kaolin, barite, fluorite, talc, water slag and ash calcium powder, wollastonite, gypsum, limestone, phosphate rock, marble, potassium feldspar, quartz sand, bentonite, manganese ore and other material of which Moh’s hardness materials below level

New advantages:
1. Grain size of finished products 400-1250 (non-polar adjustment);
2. The complete grinding of powder materials;
3. Grinding of hard materials;
4. Low cost of equipment vulnerable parts;
5. Easy equipment maintenance, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts;
6. The equipment unit energy consumption is low and the output is high, which can create better economic benefits for users;
7. Environmental protection.

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