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Analysis of the Use and Wear of Jaw Crusher

Who is the better choice for jaw crusher in wear resistant material industry? Guilin Mining Machinery jaw crusher deserves it!
Guilin Mining Machinery is the largest production base of hammer crusher, clinker crusher and limestone jaw crusher in China. Its unique advantages and high wear resistance break the world difficult problem of wear resistance for high silicon content materials. It has made outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of cement crushing and limestone crushing.
Jaw crusher is a patent product of Guilin Mining Machinery. Since entering the international market in June 2010, it has been exported to Malaysia, Turkey, Canada, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cameroon, France, Germany, the Middle East and Africa. And with its reliable quality, conquer the vast number of users at home and abroad, and in July 2011 created a Canadian customer orders from 1 to 10 sales miracle, world-renowned.
Comparing with the conventional inlaid tungsten-titanium alloy jaw crusher, the jaw crusher of Guilin Mining Machinery is mainly developed for the limestone with abnormal SiO2 content. The tungsten-titanium alloy is densely cast on the high manganese steel matrix, and its hardness is only inferior to that of diamond. It can resist severe abrasive wear and optimize the matching of chemical composition. It uses rare earth modification, niobium vanadium and other precious elements to strengthen the matrix. Vacuum casting, directional solidification technology and grain refinement are used in the production. The casting defects are eliminated fundamentally, thus ensuring the toughness and hardness of the break and greatly improving the wear resistance. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of good comprehensive performance, high reliability, strong wear resistance and low price. When casting, tungsten-titanium alloy blocks are embedded in the high manganese steel matrix to strengthen the matrix.
The finished jaw crusher of Guilin Mining Machinery has beautiful appearance and high wear resistance. All kinds of jaw crushers of 5Kg-150Kg are produced. The alloy protective blocks in the worn jaw crusher are still very clear, which makes the jaw crusher still play a role in crushing materials after slight wear.
It is not difficult to see from the jaw crusher which has been abandoned after long-term wear and tear that the W-Ti alloy protective block in Guilin Mining Machinery is still obvious. This is why some manufacturers falsely use the brand, but can not reach the real difference in the wear resistance of the Guilin Mining Machinery Jaw Crusher. Only solid Guilin Mining Machinery can use patented technology to produce solid jaw crushers!
 At present, the phenomenon of imitation and embezzlement of the patents has emerged in endlessly on the market. Many manufacturers, seeing its good sales, sell their own counterfeit products under the name of jaw crusher with tungsten-titanium alloy inlaid. When they use it for less than a few hours, they break. In order to ensure the interests of customers, Guilin Mining Machinery reminds new and old customers to choose Guilin Mining Machinery brand!

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