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Drying Hammer Crusher

Introduction of equipment  The drying hammer crusher is also called the drying hammer. DSJ series drying hammer crusher is used for crushing and drying soft and non abrasive materials, such as gypsum, chalk, clay, slurry filter cake, etc. It can also scatter, dry and calcined gypsum and flue gas desulphurization gypsum. The drying hammer crusher has the advantages of high production efficiency and low energy consumption, and has the function of scattering and crushing at the same time of drying. The rotary rotor of the drying hammer crusher dissolves the material, and the hot air dries the material. The airflow carries the broken and dried material to the separation chamber. The fine powder is then separated into the cyclone, and the coarse particles are returned to the hammer crusher to break again.  Characteristics of equipment   In the past, desulphurization gypsum residue was disposed by landfill, seriously polluting the environment and occupying cultivated land. Now the gypsum powder produced by the DSJ series drying hammer crusher is superior to natural gypsum, which is a good raw material for making plasterboard and turning waste into treasure. Moreover, the gypsum powder produced by Yifan company's DSJ series drying hammer crusher is superior to natural gypsum, which is a high quality raw material for making gypsum board.  The machine maintenance is a very important and regular work. It should cooperate closely with the operation and maintenance of the machine, and should have full-time personnel.  Application scope  In the plasterboard industry, the DSJ series drying hammer crusher can scatter and lift the desulphurized gypsum slag cake with water content less than 12% by drying the rotor of a hammer crusher. Moreover, it can be fully heat exchanged with the 550 ℃ hot air introduced to form the material with water content of less than 1%. The material enters the rising pipe from the exhaust pipe and is carried away by hot air into the next process. The DSJ series drying hammer crusher can also be used in the cement industry for drying and crushing carbide slag in filter cake and environmental protection field. Feed size of DSJ series dry hammer crusher: less than 100mm, production capacity: 30-160t/h.
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