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Granite Three - stage Crushing Process Flow

Now let's talk about the three stage crushing process of granite. T he jaw crusher is the front end equipment of the granite crushing production line. Its function in the production line is to crush the granite first. So the process is also called a first grade or a rough break. The process requires that it must have a large enough production capacity to ensure that the production line of the whole granite broken production line can reach the expected standards of the customer.  The cone crusher is the crushing equipment after the jaw crusher. Its function is to conduct secondary crushing of materials processed in the previous stage. Therefore, when the hardware standard of this production line is carried out, the equipment with a large crushing ratio must be selected to ensure the granule size of granite can reach the most satisfactory degree of customers. The crushing ratio of cone crusher is very large, so it is the best equipment for granite crushing production line.  Finally, the whole crushing is carried out by the counter - attack crusher. Such a configuration process can greatly reduce the screening after the formation of the feedstock. If the proportion of back feed in a production line is too high, the last crusher will increase the amount of repeated crushing work, which will increase the wear loss greatly. The process configuration of two-stage laminated crushing and third-stage counterattack crushing increased the investment cost, but brought the production cost down greatly. Its advantages are self-evident.  What are the advantages of cone crusher in granite crushing production line? First, cone crusher adopts the principle of laminating crushing, largely reduced the needle material, making the size and the shape of granite material is not only good after crushing, and cube finished product is more than 90%, moreover, the product particle size is even and the gradation is reasonable. Secondly, the cone crusher adopts modular design in production. By changing the cavity, it can realize the transformation of medium and fine crushing. It can meet different production needs of different users. Finally, the spring safety device is adopted to automatically increase the ore discharge port when the equipment is overloaded in the crushing cavity, so as to ensure its safety performance.
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