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The Crusher Hammer

Precautions for operation of crushing hammer

(1) When using the crushing hammer, first check whether the high-pressure or low-pressure tubing of the crushing hammer is loose; At the same time, for the sake of caution, it is necessary to check whether there is oil leakage in other places at any time, so as to avoid the loss of tubing due to vibration and failure.

(2) During the operation of the crushing hammer, the brazing rod shall always remain perpendicular to the surface of the broken object. And make the brazing bar press the broken object tightly. After breaking, the crushing hammer should stop working immediately to prevent the empty beating. Continuous aimless impact will cause damage to the front body of the broken hammer and loose main bolts. In severe cases, it will damage the host itself.

(3) In case of crushing, do not use the shaking brazing bar, otherwise the main bolt and the brazing bar may break; Do not let the hammer fall down quickly or hit a hard rock. This will damage the hammer or main body due to excessive impact.

(4) Do not break the hammer in water or mud. Except for the drill rod, other parts of the crushing hammer body should not be immersed in water or mud. Otherwise, the piston on it and other parts with similar functions will cause premature loss of the crushing hammer due to mud accumulation.

(5) When crushing particularly hard objects, start from the edge, and do not knock continuously for more than 1min at the same point to prevent the brazing rod from burning down or the hydraulic oil from overheating.

(6) Do not use the retaining plate of the broken hammer as a tool to push the weight. Because the excavating loader is mainly a small machine, its own weight is light, if it pushes the weight, it will damage the crushing hammer, which will cause the main engine lifting arm to break seriously, and even cause the main engine turning over accident.

(7) Operate when the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or fully shrunk; otherwise, the impact vibration will be transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder body and then to the main engine.
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