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Analysis of Points for Attention in the Use of Raymond Mill

 With the development of China's economy and technology, it puts forward higher requirements for coal industry crusher. Raymond mill can be used in coal industry, it integrates crushing, drying, crushing and other functions. In the large grinding process, it can meet the needs of customers.
With the vigorous development of the western region, the resources of the western region can be displayed, and there are abundant coal resources in Xinjiang. With the exploration of coal resources in Xinjiang, the number of crushing and grinding equipment has increased dramatically. But at the same time, Raymond Mill also has some matters needing attention in order to achieve higher work efficiency.
Analysis of the cautions for the use of Raymond mill:
1. Lubricate Raymond mill and related parts of supporting equipment in time
2. In the use of Raymond mill, metal is strictly forbidden to enter the main body to avoid damage to the roller grinding ring.
3. When feeding the main engine, the feeding should be uniform, too much may block the air duct and reduce the output.
4. Notes for air volume regulation: small air volume, high fineness, but it should be noted that if the air volume is too small, the main air duct below is easy to deposit materials.
5. The analyzer should be adjusted appropriately according to the size, hardness, moisture content, specific gravity and processing requirements.
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