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Vertical Grinding Mill, An Advanced Mill for Ore Processing

Vertical grinding mill integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. With the advantages of high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, simple equipment process, small floor area, and low noise, it has become more advanced equipment for large-scale milling of non-metallic minerals. It provides valuable product guarantee for improving the development and utilization level of non-metallic mines and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of non-metallic industries. With the development of vertical grinding mill and the improvement of production level, the production process has also been greatly improved. Compared with the traditional grinding mill, vertical grinding mill is used in limestone desulfurization production line, coal mine pulverizing production line and other advanced grinding equipment in the production area. According to the different grinding materials of vertical mill, vertical mill can be divided into cement vertical mill, slag vertical mill, and other models, which has significant advantages and wide significance for the efficient realization of large-scale production of various materials.

Vertical grinding mill has large production capacity, grinding efficiency can be greatly improved, and energy consumption can be reduced by about 40%. The whole system is operated under full negative pressure, with small vibration and low noise. The system is in a sealed state, and there is almost no dust spillover during operation. Vertical grinding and drying capacity is strong, and the adaptability to materials is particularly strong. The vertical mill uses hot air to convey materials. When grinding materials with high moisture content, it can control the temperature of the air intake, so that the final moisture of products can meet the requirements. Based on this principle, the material in the vertical mill can be dried up to 15% of the material, effectively breaking the traditional mill can not grind high hardness, high moisture, high fineness of the pulverizing pattern. It has become the optimum equipment for efficient preparation of quartz sand, slag, steel slag, iron ore, pyrophyllite, lignite, cement clinker, and other materials.

The vertical grinding mill adopts a new type of roller sealing device, which greatly improves the sealing performance. The oxygen content in the mill can be reduced without sealing the fan, thus improving the explosion suppression performance of the whole equipment. Promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading is an important way for the healthy and sustainable development of China's non-metallic mineral industry. The vertical mill and ultra-fine vertical mill equipment, which are used to enhance the application value of non-metallic minerals, will also play their advantages in the new historical development period and promote the development of non-metallic mineral industry towards a healthy direction.

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