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Advantages and Disadvantages of High Pressure Roller Mill

Advantages of high pressure grinding roller mill

1. High crushing efficiency and low energy consumption.

2. Good wear resistance.

3. Materials with high water content can be handled.

4. The high pressure roller mill is compact in structure, small in volume and light in weight, which is convenient for system modification, and easy to operate and maintain. Easy to realize the automatic work and monitoring of high - pressure roller mill.

5. Good production environment. The high pressure roller mill adopts the principle of laminated crushing. The material is enclosed in the extrusion roller and feeding device, and by means of static crushing, it will not generate much material impact and splash, so that the vibration and noise are low.

Disadvantages of high pressure grinding roller mill

(1) Edge effect

Due to the influence of the structure and the wear of the two side baffle plates, many unbroken particles are transported out with the extruded material cake. The material escaped from the side makes the pressure of the extrusion roll line unevenly distributed.

(2) Vibration and blocking run

The main reason of roller vibration is that the feeding material is not uniform and the feeding particle size distribution is too wide. Too much feed will cause the phenomenon of blocking run.

(3) Wear and repair of the extrusion roll

Usually, the surface of the extruded roll is made by surfacing welding. Cracks and peeling of the roll surface often occur in this kind of structure during operation, and axle breaking accidents are more serious.

(4) Life of bearing

The force required for crushing materials of high pressure roller mill is provided by the hydraulic system, which can reach hundreds of thousands of N.
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